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We are seeking a passionate and dedicated pilot to join SkyWings. If not already an instructor, full training will be given and the successful applicant will go on to grow into the position of head instructor.


Job Description

As head paragliding instructor, you will be responsible for and reap the benefits of your abilities. This would include excellent interpersonal skills and above all patience and care towards your students and a genuine interest in helping them to become the best, safest pilot that they can be. You become a role model leading by example and walking the tightrope between safety and fun. Your skills could also include marketing and IT experience as well as practical skills that might benefit the development of the HighSide flight park. You'll be teaching students of all skill levels the fundamentals of paragliding, including ground handling, launching, flying techniques, safety procedures, and landing. You will conduct both ground-based and practical training sessions, ensuring that students develop the necessary skills and confidence to fly independently. All the while providing a fun and rewarding experience.


Please send your resume and a brief cover letter outlining your paragliding experience and instructional philosophy to

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