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Repair  Service

Providing Everything You Need and More...


SkyWings Repair

  • SkyWings Repair provides glider and harness repair and modification services to meet your every need and desire. If you've banged it up, we'll fix it up.

  • Need a harness or equipment modification, we've got you covered.

  • We'll also pack your reserves and install them in your harness if required.

  • We'll conduct express WOF checks or extensive inspections with trim checks and re-trimming if required.

  • Line repair and replacement as well as full line set installation.

  • Full time repair service for all customers and all brands

Our Qualifications

Because you need to get things done right.

We have a passion for repair and modification of airborne equipment. If you have a wild idea, we'll make it into a reality. We,ve studied under the best, learning from a technicians with 40+ years experience. We also hold CSPA parachute Rigger-A qualifications. Capable of doing structural repairs and modifications to parachute equipment. We'll also keep it real with you, if we think your equipment or modification is unsafe we'll give you an unbiased assessment so you can keep surfing the skies with confidence.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us directly on

  • Mobile: 021 855 345

  • Email:

  • Availability: Full time during the peak NZ flying season - November till May. After that we work the skydive season overseas.

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