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Undoubtedly the cheapest form of powered aviation on the planet. Paramotoring is an incredible thrill and is one of the fastest growing and changing aviation sports. New Glider and Motor technologies are emerging all the time and the latest advances in electric battery technology on the horison make the electrification of PPG an exciting and eagerly awaited proposition!

Paramotor License - PPG

Paramotoring is easy and fun. Motors weigh from around 19-30kgs and fit conveniently into the back of your van or car. You can be set up in minutes and taking off and landing from the beach, a park, your farm – wherever you have some clear space. They have a great range letting you fly for around 2-4 hours – an easy 50-100kms on a tank, travelling between 30-70km/hr.

You can learn to fly a paramotor whether you are already a paraglider pilot or learning from scratch. If learning from scratch, you will complete a syllabus that will take from between 10-20 days and you will achieve independent paramotoring and or paraglider ratings.

Each new pilot is taught and progressed at their safest and most comfortable level and the skills and drills are mastered at the correct stages to build your confidence and progress you toward independent and safe motoring as soon as possible.

If you’re learning to paraglide with a view to paramotor, you get taught all the skills for motoring throughout your PG2 and its usually only a short amount of extra training during the latter part of your PG2. Or if you decide on a motor during your training, you’ll be flying your motor as soon as your skills allow even during your PG2.

Paraglider (PG2) pilots can convert quickly and easily to motoring within a few days depending on their paraglider skills. Our conversion course takes anywhere from 2-5 days – free with equipment purchase.

Paramotor Equipment

SkyWings has the New Zealand dealerships for the best paramotor or PPG equipment available.

We have Miniplane, An Italian company who builds by far the worlds lightest, easiest, most efficient and most reliable motors. Thanks largely to their custom designed Top80 engine. They are a company of incredible engineers who have made a truely remarkable product.

 We also have P.A.P. One of the worlds top brands. A Spanish company that make high end, highly refined and perfected motors with no compromise using the best motors available. They've been making motors since 1989 and have it down to a fine art.

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