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The Awak 2 -20 is an incredible mini wing. One of my favourite of all time. The handling is incredible. Huge wingovers and loops are easy. The brake pressures are smooth and progressive and handling is direct and predictable.


It's like having an acro wing with enB safety upto 110kg!! That is unheard of and likely never to be repeated.


It's DGAC motor rated upto 140kg and is very fast.

55cells, 20 meters flat, weighs 4.4kg


Is presented in excellent near new condition with plenty of porosity remaining.


If you're looking for an awesome small glider/mini wing  you've just found it.


Will be sold with a current WOF

ITV Awak 2 - 20

$4,250.00 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price
  • The Awak2 benefits from the most recent technological development advances : 3 lines layout design, and leading edge batons. It has undeniable inflating and lifting qualities, while demonstrating a more docile character than of the Awak1.

    Fast, easy to handle, reassuring, aesthetically pleasing, the Awak2 20 m2 is certified EN B, which demonstrate the homogeneous, docile nature of this paraglider 

    For intermediate to advanced pilots depending on wing loading.

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