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Absolute experts only - this is a one of a kind world famous ground breaking wing - first wing to be capable of 100 Km/h

12 metres Projected 14 metres Flat - 6 Aspect Ratio 50 cells!

In very excellent condition low hours and very low number of flights.

Specially designed by Hannes Papesh for high wind soaring here in Auckland and to win the Dolimiten man competition in Italy - a feat that required very high speed and a very good glide ratio at high speed.

  • you cannot beat the qualities this wing has - nothing is as exciting to fly - but you must be skilled enough - I will not sell it to you if there is any doubt - contact me at SkyWings to discuss if your unsure!!

so for the right pilot this represents an amazing opportunity!!

The trim speed is 50-55 km/hr and glide ratio over 8 at this speed - that is unheard of even today in Paragliding! - so it makes for so fun moments in high wind on the coast - you literally go past Hanggliders and watch as they frantically pull on extra speed to catch up.

Some of the pic's are of the actual wing in the factory during production - thats why it has the lines not yet installed

If you research this glider you will find its capable of things not normally possible for a paraglider.

The speed and extraordinary dynamic - wild handling - will thrill the most die hard pilots and leave you buzzing for hours or even days later.

Nova Shockwave

$2,200.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
  • Due to safety concerns no refund can be given once you take delivery of a paraglider unless unopened in the original packaging. In which case a full refund less postage and packaging costs can be offered after reciept of the paraglider.

  • Shipping costs depend on the size and destination of the package but is typically $50 - $100 within NZ

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