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SUSI Q ­– Mountain racer and pleasure wing Brand New.


Depending on the size and wing loading, the SUSI Q is a little wing with impressive performance or a comfortable wing for cranking up in thermals. The smallest size only weighs 2 kilograms and is therefore perfect for ambitious flying mountaineers.


Dependable and powerful. 

With high wing loading, the SUSI Q is the perfect vehicle for ambitious mountaineers: small packing size, super light and very easy to launch. At only 3.1kg kilograms, it is hardly noticeable in a backpack. Once laid out, it only needs a little tug and the glider inflates easily. In the air, the SUSI Q impresses with a glide ratio that is unusually good for this type of wing.


Comfortable and likes to climb. In larger sizes or with high wing loading, the SUSI Q is a comfortable wing to use for hike & fly. Because of its low minimum speed and its small turning radius, with low wing loading the SUSI Q is a comfortable wing for relaxed circling in thermals.


Light and durable. The SUSI Q is a real mountaineering wing: super light but also robust, ready to withstand harsh alpine environments.  This is made possible by a sophisticated mixture of materials: ultralight cloth is only used in areas where stress is minimal. Risers made of 12mm wide Kevlar ensure comfort and safety during take off.

Nova SuSi Q (Past Model)

$3,290.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
  • The SUSI Q 18 is a glider with a great deal of passive safety or a small, demanding and dynamic wing. Size 18 is certified EN B if flown within the recommended weight range and is suitable for talented beginner pilots. 

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