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Ozone indy Small. Excellent beginner paramotor wing.

65 - 85kg very low enB

Very good condition approx. 50 hrs use

Colour: Red/White



The All New PPG Beginner Wing

The Indy is an evolution of the Mojo2, which is now a popular wing in the LTF 1/EN A/B category. It has proven itself to be a solid, stable, and easy glider for beginning paramotor pilots. With ultimate ease of inflation, simple ground-handling characteristics and uncompromising in-flight passive safety, the Indy is the perfect choice for the aspiring PPG pilot.

The Indy has long brake travel and the handling is direct while still remaining forgiving enough for beginners and low airtime pilots. The progressive nature of the Indy’s handling makes for great turning behaviour with or without weight-shift; this is an ideal characteristic in a ppg wing. High stability in pitch and roll creates an overall feeling of comfort and safety in flight. However, the Indy does provide sufficient feedback in a comfortable and subtle manner, which is important for every pilot’s progression. The excellent sink rate and speed enables fuel efficient powered flight and good performance when free flying.

The Ozone Roadster and Indy are two of the first wings to pass the tests necessary for the DMSV certification. We are pleased to announce that the Indy M has received DMSV A: DMSV-MS-5008-08. The Indy is also certified EN A, and LTF 1, making it one of the most thoroughly tested wings available.

Ozone Power Risers

The Indy is supplied with Ozone Power risers. These risers have trim tabs to adjust cruise speed during powered flight. The trim tabs must be locked into the normal position for free flight. Ozone power risers have two hang point positions; the lower one is for free flight and for low hang point power harnesses, and the higher loop is for high hang point motor units.

Warning: Trimmers are for paramotor use only. For valid LTF and EN certification you must attach the harness to the riser’s lower hang point and lock the trim tabs to the carabiner (in slow position) using the metal ring. Un-powered flight using the trimmers voids the glider’s certification and is not recommended.

Designer's Notes

The concept

The perfect beginner PPG wing, designed to make the life of a beginner PPG pilot easy, safe and fun. An evolution of the Mojo2, with similar technical features. 

New Features

New Profile: High stability and excellent behaviour at high angles of attack, meaning more forgiving behaviour in deep brakes / slow flight. This means easier inflation, because the wing wants to stay above you without falling back. This is crucial in conditions such as early morning launches from flat terrain, when your wing is wet with dew, but is also noticeable in the long and yet responsive brake range. The Indy is very spin resistant.

The line length is relatively short for better contact with the wing. This gives the glider a lighter feeling during the inflation and helps – along with the new airfoil – to make the ground handling much easier.

In the air, shorter lines mean a reduction in the roll, and being closer to the wing you feel more ‘as one’ with it.

The planform has been designed with safety in mind, and for a compact feel.

39 cells and no diagonal ribs mean a light sail and a better load distribution to make the Indy virtually indestructible. The weight of the sail is a major factor in the launch behaviour, so we chose more attachment points and more lines with less internal construction to save weight. Another result is more balanced loading inside the wing which translates to better longevity.

The 39 cell configuration creates a clean sail for the wing’s category. The intakes, being quite narrow for the category, help to give rigidity to the leading edge and better inflation characteristics.

The last cells near the wing tip were designed independent of the other cells, specifically to improve the airflow over and around the wing tips. The improved sink rate is noticeable on take-off as the wing accepts the pilot’s weight quicker, meaning less run and more fun.

Aspect Ratio: 5.0. We found this is the best compromise for solid performance with no sacrifice in safety.

Like our standard paragliders for beginner pilots, we’ve chosen a slightly higher surface area to make take off and landing speeds lower, making these critical moments safer and more simple.

Ozone Indy (Past Model)

$2,200.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
  • The Indy is constructed with Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution cloth, and comes standard with Ozone Paramotor Risers which feature double hang points, reinforced trimming system, and trimmer lock-off for free flight. 

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