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Size 18, Very good condition, an excellent acro trainer. 


The large sizes of MATRIX are designed for acro flying which is different to all other gliders giving a unique flying experience. It's new design gives the MATRIX a very high internal pressure. The brake travel is long for an acro wing and the brake pressure is fairly physical as a result. The handling in Helicopters is a bit different to other acro wings but once the pilot has mastered it it's easy to enter into and maintain helicopters from any position. The SAT Manouevres are excellent, better than any other acro wing. It maintains pressure in the wingtips in any SAT positions. In Rhythmic SAT you can release the brake entirely without any collapses. In Infinit the glider behaves very well without any loss of energy or pressure and with a strong tendancy to stablise vertically. The glider is more suited to Intermediate Acro Pilots who are already competent in the basic acro manouevres and is in the process of learning more advanced moves: Asymmetric Spirals, Looping, Helicopter, Mc Twist, Asymmetric SAT.

RR Matrix 18 (Past Model)

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$1,800.00Sale Price
  • RR Acro Wings has arised thanks to the 22-year-old flight experience of Raúl Rodríguez and the cooperation with NOVA Performance Paragliders.

    Raúl is a real pioneer of the free flight. Thanks to his intellectual curiosity, his imagination and his extraordinary "flying" instinct one has succeeded in introducing a new way of the paragliding handling. Raúl dominated, interpreted new, controlled, excelled practically all rules of the free flight. He opened all doors which offered the acrobatics.

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