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pure, reduced, focused, efficient, flexible, unchained, finally free


PHI is different in many ways. Their team consists of the most experienced and talented personalities with major knowhow. Some of their team members have been instrumental in shaping the paragliding industry.

Uncompromising paragliding development is their core activity also proves that they operate differently. Hasty developments and product launches on short notice are not their mission. They take all the time they need to ensure extraordinary performing paragliders close to perfection. In this context there is no space for incalculable experiments. Only approved materials are used to create our reliable and durable gliders. It is their goal to set new standards for paragliding in all categories according to their maxim:


“simple and safe free flying for everyone”

They present their results in the most honest and plain way- precisely because PHI is different.
They are developers. It's their deepest conviction that the quality of the product is paramount.

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